Misfit Ray Fitness and Sleep Tracker

Written by Christine Gill

Gadget Name: Misfit Ray Fitness & Sleep Tracker

Gadget type: Tech-related

Gadget price: $45-80

This is the definition of activity trackers: “primarily refers to wearable devices that monitor and record a person’s fitness activity” (Wikipedia). The first mass produced “Activity Tracker” was made in 2009, and the purpose is the same as this more modified gadget: Misfit Ray Fitness & Sleep Tracker. The band is a sleep tracker, which means you can use it with the app that Misfit provided, and it will provide stats about your sleep every night. It also has an accurate step counter supported by a GPA system. Even though the Misfit Ray does not have a screen, it can still function as an alarm, so you can wear it 24/7. The Misfit Ray is powered by two button cell batteries. They need to be replaced once the batteries are used up, but these batteries are pretty cheap, so it’s a win.

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