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Family Ties: Different Points of View

Written by Christine Gill

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Are you the oldest in your family? The middle kid? Maybe you’re the baby of the family. Maybe you’re an only child. There’s no doubt that each one offers a completely different experience. Oldest kids and youngest kids have their own perceptions, attitudes, and responsibilities. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to walk in your siblings’ shoes (or to have siblings!) try reading these pieces by members of the Dominican Knightly News!


On Being An Only Child: Kellie LeTart


Being an only child is the worst.  Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a sibling.  I would really like an older sister and brother and a little brother.  That will never happen, though.  It is so incredibly lonely to be an only child.  When everyone else is busy, usually there’s a sibling left to spend time with, but not for me.  Every time my parents do something together, I get left out.  When my parents yell at me, I’m ganged up on and left totally alone.  I can’t relate to anyone’s sibling bonds, and I will be left by myself when I’m trying to care for my parents in the future.  There are some perks to being an only child, however.  I get to have all the attention from my parents.  I get more things and no annoying hand-me-downs.  Everything is really special because I’m my parents first and last child so they only get this experience once.  My parents are able to give my medical needs special attention.  I would take a sibling in a heartbeat, but I guess I can live with what I’ve got.


On Being the Oldest: Anjel Torres-Seay

Wow. There are a lot of things that people don’t tell you when you come into this world. One of those things happen to be, the lifestyle of being the oldest sibling. I am the oldest sibling out of 5 (3 on my dad’s side and two on my mom’s). Being the oldest sibling means that everything I do is watched under a fine microscope by not only my siblings but also my parents. I thought that being 17 and growing up in a house with a 13 and a 5-year-old would mean less stress and attention on me and more on them but…I was wrong. Even through the yelling, role modeling, chauffeuring etc., there are also great things to being the oldest sibling. I love coming home to Ayden (5) yelling, “Hi best friend!” or my sister asking me to drive her to swim class so we can blast the whole Hamilton soundtrack! I also love being able to know that all of my siblings look up to me as some “princess” and always want to hang out with me. There is nothing I would change about it.


On Being the Middle Kid: Mary Antrim 

I have four siblings, and I’m in the middle. My brother and I always joke about being the middle kids- but in all honesty, it is a completely unique experience. We have an interesting bond, especially considering that we’re five years apart. Being the middle kid means that you got to watch your older siblings try everything before you. It means you get to pay attention to what worked for them and avoid their mistakes. It also means you’re not the baby. You don’t get the spoils that come with nostalgia and every event being “the last time” for your parents. Sometimes it means your mom forgets to include you when introducing her work friends to her kids. Sometimes it means your dad calls you four other names before getting yours correct. Sometimes it means that if you don’t personally go with your parents when they get takeout for the whole family, you won’t get any because your order is likely to get lost in the chaos of Culver’s for six.

But, that being said, I love being a middle kid. As a little sister, I get my own personal guinea pigs to try everything before I do, so that I can perfect it the first time. I get to have sleepover’s at my siblings’ apartments. I get to be an aunt. I got to mature earlier than a lot of kids my age because my siblings were adults, meaning that Junior High and High School social stress didn’t impact me as much, because I saw what mattered and what didn’t. As a big sister, I get to share everything with my little sister. I get to give advice. I get to do everything my older siblings did for me for someone else. It is, as Hannah Montana says, the best of both worlds.


On Being the Youngest: Jonny Frank

Hello, I am Jonny Frank and I am the youngest of my two siblings. My brother is 11 years older than me, and my sister is 9 years older than me, so I am the baby of the group by far. I was raised very differently than my brother and sister; for example, I was babied quite a bit. I still am. I was able to be very selfish and get a lot of the attention because I was born by the time that my siblings were already growing out of being really selfish as a young kid. However, I feel like that my being super selfish and getting almost everything I wanted ruined my relationship with my siblings when I was really young. I was also quite the loud crier when I was little, which would make them very annoyed. Up until a few years ago I think my siblings just saw me as an annoying kid, but now that I am a little bit older they see me as just their brother.

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