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The Annual Dominican Golf Pancake Breakfast

Written by Christine Gill

On March 14th, Dominican’s infamous golf team hosted their annual pancake breakfast!  Every year the golf team sets up in the cafeteria with pancake mix and doughnuts.  All of the items for sale are either bought or made in the school.  The turn out was great, lots of teachers allow their classes to go down and buy breakfast.  This year Captain and Senior co-captain,  George Wong and Matthew Sherlock, made sure everything ran smoothly.  With the help of Mr. Schramka, the golf team sold pancakes and other breakfast items to students during zero hour and first period. They sold hundreds of pancakes, 5 dozen doughnuts, bacon, juice, and waffles.  The reason behind this event is raising enough money in order to buy their own warm-ups and other items of Dominican clothing.  For the Seniors, this is their last year of Golf, so they get to pick and choose how they help, and many of the seniors played awesome and entertaining music, so the whole event felt like a big party.


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