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Kaito Weather Band Radio KA700-BL

Written by Christine Gill

Gadget Name: Kaito Weather Band Radio KA700-BL      

Gadget Type: Surviving Tool!

Gadget Price: $50-80

            This Bluetooth Emergency Hand Crank Dynamo & Solar Powered AM FM weather band radio is made by Kaito. This is considered a survival tool that was originally designed to aid third world countries. I actually own one of the simpler version produced by Maya (Afghanistan). The multi-functioning radio tower can be powered by a 500 mAh NiMH battery or two AA batteries. The power input sources are: crank by hand and solar-panel into the rechargeable MiNH battery, and AA batteries that are used once. This radio tower can switch between FM and AM with an extension antenna. The left side of the radio have a flashlight, and the right side has an AUX chord outlet and a headphone outlet. The crank is on the left-top side of the radio, and the battery box is in the back. It is a good outdoor gadget in case you are out of power or a light source. Have fun with this gadget!

*Disclaimer: DHS does not benefit from the producer of the product above.

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