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You’re Like, So Sick…

Written by Christine Gill

You’re Like, So Sick…

By Doc. Stac

The Hypochondriacs Best Friend


Do you break out into dancing for no reason? Does it seem like once you start dancing, you can’t stop? Well, it’s totally possible that you have contracted the Dancing Plague!! Woah. The Dancing Plague originally broke out in 1518, when people began to dance and literally couldn’t stop! They eventually died of exhaustion, and while no significant breakouts have appeared since, researchers have not ruled out its reappearance. In fact they have been closely monitoring human behavior at concerts, weddings, and baseball games as sites where the Dancing Plague is likely to break out.

The list of symptoms is really quite short–the inability to stop dancing! The original Dancing Plague took place when 400+ people danced in the streets of Strasbourg, France for over a month, without rest. The plague killed an estimated 15 people a day, and the cause can only be hypothesized; however, one theory behind the cause is Stress Induced Psychosis, which can be related back to the fact that the people were poor and starving. The theory takes on greater credence when correlated to the dance marathon phenomenon that took place during the Great Depression. A Seattle woman attempted suicide after dancing 19 days but finished in fifth place.

A second theory traces the plague to a biological cause– fungus; Ergotamine was present and caused the hundreds of people to randomly dance. This same fungus can be traced forward a thousand years to the Salem Witch Trials. This fungus has proven itself in the world of historical anomalies, so it’s a totally possible cause. So, if you’ve been dancing too much, and you’re crazy stressed, or you’ve been around some super nasty fungus, be careful–these symptoms mean you’re like, so sick!

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