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Attention: 35 School Days Left!

Written by Jonathan Frank

ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS, or parents of students! There are on 35 school days left in the 2017-2018 school year. I know, CRAZY RIGHT? However, this number does include AP Tests and does not include exams. Technically, there are 38 days with exams included. This number also includes Sophomore retreat, so sophomores, you technically have less school days than the rest of the school! I am also writing this post for the Seniors. You are quickly getting closer to graduation! And if you forgot, after graduation, you will be able to keep your computer, ask Mrs. Van Beek if you are on the list to keep your computers after graduation. Also, bring that computer in to get any issues that you have might have with it fixed. Do this soon so tech does have to deal with all of your computers at one time. This also goes for Sophomores as the lease is up on the computers and they have to be returned, so when you are ready, back up your files, and turn in that PC. But that’s beside the point, the main point of this article is just to inform you we only have 35 school days left until exams. Go to if you do not believe that I am telling the truth, or just want to check the schedule for yourself. Freshmen, look forward to being Sophomores. Sophomores look forward to being upper classmen as a Junior and going on events like Kairos. Juniors look forward to being the Seniors and having things like DOC and other privileges that you didn’t have before. Finally, Seniors you will once again be Freshmen, however, this time in college. Have fun these last school days. You only have 35 left.

Thank You, and Good Luck on finishing this school year!

-Jonny Frank

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