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April Fools Easter Pranks!

Written by Christine Gill

Planning on staying with family for Easter?  Looking for a way to trick your family Easter style? Here are some awesome ways to stay festive and fun over the holiday break.

One of my favorite Easter treats has to be the little chocolate eggs, so the idea of having them replaced with grapes sounds disgusting! It also is perfect for anyone looking to trick a friend or kid into eating a little healthier on this holiday.

Yikes! Vegetables where candy is supposed to be?!?! Like the prank before, this one will trick any 3-10 year old into thinking they have hit the jackpot with cany until they open it up. This trick is fun and a lot easier than the previous prank.

This prank is especially cruel, imagine biting into one of these, gross! This is the best for annoying siblings or anyone you feel the need to get back at on this April fools day.


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