FireWater “Solar Bottle Lantern”

Written by Christine Gill

Gadget Name: FireWater “Solar Bottle Lantern”

Gadget type: Tech-related, Daily Necessities

Gadget price: $20-25

This is a water-proof container with a built-in solar-powered light in its cap, produced by Seattle Sports. The light is built inside of a tube of the cap, and it has three modes: low, high and flashing. It can run for 5-12 hours depending on what mode. The low power mode is for camping; at the high power mode it functions as a flashlight; the flashing mode is for an emergency. It can also be charged using a USB power line. The 700ml (23.6 oz) waterproof container is what it was designed for. This gadget is perfect for outdoor people to carry it in their backpacks, and by the time night comes it will be fully charged. It can also just be a cool gadget to use as light source.


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