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From the Editor: March 24th, 2018

Written by Christine Gill


This week felt very long. For me it might be because I have been working tirelessly for the Saint Monica Variety Show that will happen in the DHS Auditorium tonight. It may have just been one of those weeks that takes forever.

The Dominican Auction 2018 is coming up! Many students are needed to help run the auction. It always is a fun event and a great way to raise money. The Auction theme this year is “A Knight on Broadway”. I can personally tell you that many people worked tirelessly to put it together, but it is certainly worth the effort!

Dominican Prom 2018 is in sight as well! The theme is “A Knight in Bollywood”. It is sure to be a blockbuster!

Overall, this week went slow. However, the end of the year is in sight which is sad.


Kieran Arnold,

Chief Editor, Knightly News



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