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Prom on the Horizon!

Written by Christine Gill

We are quickly closing in on the end of March, which means PROM is just around the corner! If you’re unsure of what attending prom entails, then read on!

When is Prom?

April 27th

How Prom Works

Before the dance, groups usually go take pictures in pretty locations. Then, you go to the Hilton Hotel, which is this year’s Prom venue and you sit down at the table you signed up for when you bought your ticket, and eat the dinner included in the cost of the ticket. Then, you dance until about 10:00, which is when the grand march will occur. Then you dance until the dance is over at 12. Finally, students going to Prom are required to attend post-Prom as well, which will take place at Dominican this year and lasts until 2am.

Buying Prom Tickets

Prom tickets cost $65 per person. When you buy your ticket, you must also sign up for your table. A table can have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 people, so be sure to plan accordingly. Dinner is served at Prom and is included in the cost of the ticket.

What is the Grand March?

Basically, everyone lines up and you and your date’s names are announced and you walked down an aisle created by parents and family. If you’re flying solo to Prom, you don’t have to walk the Grand March alone. Many people walk down with a friend or two and they’ll announce your names just the same. However, you can also walk the Grand March without anyone!

What is Post-Prom?

Attendance of post-prom is mandatory for all attending Dominican’s Prom. You basically have 30 minutes after Prom ends to get from the Hilton Hotel to Dominican before chaperones call your parents. It starts at 12:30 and goes until 2 in the morning. Most people bring a change of clothes so they can be more comfortable. Post-Prom is tons of fun, but only if you let it. A positive attitude is essential if you want to enjoy Post-Prom. There will be blowup structures set up in the gym, Comedy Sportz will do a show, and pizza and ice cream are provided so let yourself go a little bit and have fun! Play in the bouncy house and laugh at the jokes Comedy Sportz makes in their performance. I promise, it will make your experience far more enjoyable!

Buying a Dress

We have a Facebook group with all the junior and senior girls, and any sophomores that are asked by upperclassmen. Basically we post a picture of our prom dress once we find it so no one buys the same one. It’s a great thing filled with love, support, and compliments!

I hope this helped!

Written by: Grace Brown & Scout Stackhouse

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