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Gadget Name: “Lifeproof” phone case

Written by Christine Gill

Gadget Name: “LifeproofTM” phone case

Gadget type: cellphone accessory

Gadget price: $20-50

This case was produced with all the touchscreen smart phones industries. LifeproofTM has series of cases for multiple phone kits include Samsung and Apple. The cases have two parts: front and back; the front seals the case at the edges of the screen with a thick layer, and the back side has all the buttons covered and shock-proof rubber parts that prevent buttons from being damaged. I have personally used this product for one year, until one time it landed on a rock, and the screen cracked. After that incident I found out that it does come with an optional screen protector which fits the size of front cover. The headphone input is covered by a plastic screw (not for iPhone 7, 8, or X), and the charging port is locked by a hooked cover. In total I think it is a very good product considering it is water proof and shock proof ,and if the screen gets dirty, you can totally take it to the sink and wash it off!

*Disclaimer: DHS does not benefit from the product above.

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