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Where will the Seniors Be Next Year?

Written by Christine Gill

As we close in on May 1st, the deadline for college commitments for the fall of 2018, the seniors are beginning to publicize where they have committed. I have always found it interesting to see where individuals in the senior class end up. Until this year, I didn’t realize how many factors you must consider when picking a college. You have to consider, size, tuition, majors, climate, environment- whether you want a school in the city or an isolated campus, scholarships, and so much more. So far, these are the seniors who have officially committed to a school for the fall of 2018:

Riley Burton – Belmont University

Hannah Jablonowski – Marquette University

Hannah Garwood – Marquette University

Elisa Guzior – Marquette University

Kellie LeTart – Xavior University

Emmy Wolfe – University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Nathanael Wisth – University of Wisconsin Lacrosse

The commitment deadline is May 1st  so updates are to come!

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