From the Editor: …Well, where was the Editor?

Written by Christine Gill


I was very fortunate to travel 1,700 miles from Dominican High School. I was fortunate to travel overseas to The Cayman Islands (British Windward Islands) the week before spring break. After an ungodly 7:30 a.m. flight from O’Hare, Chicago (in which we had to wake up at our hotel in Chicago at 2:15 in the morning) we eventually landed in Grand Cayman at noon. We were in the same time zone as Whitefish Bay. We arrived in Grand Cayman after being aloft for four hours.

Grand Cayman has a land area of 75 square miles. We did not think that it was that large. Upon landing in Grand Cayman, we rented a car and were greeted by chickens that, we were told, freely roam the entire island. Since the Cayman Islands are a British territory, my father and I had to adapt to driving on the opposite side of the road. It was difficult, however we pulled through and figured it out.

My favorite part of the vacation was when we went to an area of the island called “Starfish Point.” It is called Starfish Point because it is basically a beach that you can walk into the water and pick up some starfish, some are ridiculously huge, and hold them below the surface.

Leaving the Cayman airport was very different than arriving. Picture a room that is the size of the MAC. Now picture that room with four-hundred people packed into it, all pushing and shoving to get to their flight. There was no air conditioning and only one food stand. Nonetheless we made it out of there and were aloft at 11:45 in the morning. We made it back to O’Hare, Chicago and, of course, the airline lost my bag. It turned out that someone picked it up by mistake. So they found it and flew it up on an early morning flight and drove it up from Mitchell International Airport, Milwaukee.

If you are ever looking for a place to go in the Caribbean, go to The Cayman Islands. You will be on Island Time!

jya man!

Kieran Arnold,

Chief Editor, Knightly News

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