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Visiting Colleges in the South!

Written by Christine Gill

Over Spring break I toured colleges in the southern regions of  Louisiana and Texas.  On Good Friday I did a walking tour of Loyola College and Tulane in New Orleans, Louisiana. Both of them were closed because of religious reasons, but the campuses were beautiful.  Both of the colleges had gorgeous old architecture and a lot of history.  Tulane was originally founded as a medical college and didn’t become a comprehensive university till 1847. After spending two days in New Orleans, I went to Lafayette Louisiana, there I toured Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the capital.  The guides took us around campus and then we continued the tour in a bus.  We met Mike the Tiger, the official live LSU mascot, who lived in a multi-million dollar cage/habitat. The next school I visited was University of Louisiana, Lafayette.  This school had a gorgeous campus and the most amazing doughnuts! The last school we visited was the University of Texas, Austin.  It was a very urban school with a very lively campus.  Schools in the south are much different than schools near us, so make sure to check some out!



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