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Attention all Sophomores!

Written by Jonathan Frank

Attention Sophomores, This is a BIG reminder from Tech Support.

Remember that if you’re name is on the list of students that Mr. Murray said on the announcements, you must report to the MAC right when club begins. All that you have to bring in then is your computer, and that’s it! We will be downloading some important stuff on to your PC. If you forgot who’s on the list, HERE IT IS!

Class of 2020 laptop spring check:

Alex Adetokunbo
Jenna Alberti
Bryan Aldape
Anna Antrim
Tyler Baldwin
Madelyn Ballard
Ryliee Boeck
Juliette Bringa
Adonya Byrd
Donitelo Carroll
Harrison Carter
Zavier Colon
Jackson Corcoran
Justin Daniels
Taylor Davis
Joshea Davis-Joiner
Nicole Derse’
Eleanor Desing
Jack Desing
Sean Dlugopolski
Kendall Farrington-Rhodes
Duoduo (Doris) Fu
Angela Guijosa
Cyrus Hardiman
Solomon Harris
Jude Hermanny
Zicaru Hernandez Flores
Diamond Hernandez
Nia Hill
Xinran (Ariel) Huang
Anya Hubbard
Charles Hudak
Camille Jefferson
Bennett Jelacic
Addison Johnson
Phillip Jones
Sam Keehan
Teddy Kister
Elizabeth Kuesel
Emma Kuss
John Lambrecht
James Laubach
Cesar Lazo
Emma Lijewski
Maura Linn
Jamari Magee
Lily Maier
Kailah Malone
Morgan Martin
Riley Maszk
Nathan Mazza
Isaiah McCray Jones
Layla McGee
Alia Melloch
Leslie Mendoza
Jessica Miller
Isaiah Mitchell
Olivia Mlada
Aline Morales
Nahomi Morales
Autumn North
Noraclare O’Neill
Andrew Ottaway
Natalie Padovano
Mary Parlier
Zigmund Raasch
Alyssa Reno
Sean Repinski
Mitchell Rouse
Diego Saavedra
Luke Schneider
Teenasia Scobey-Polacheck
Abe Scruggs
Matthew Sherlock
Rosie Shields
Iyana Simmons
Sean Smith
Kallie Theiler
Deja Thomas
Noah Thomas
Jinjutha Sunshine Tularnon
Julie Valdivia
Raul Vargas
Julissa Villalobos
Xinyi (Cindy) Wang
William Wilson
Kenneth Wirth
Dawei (David) Xie
Letian (Peter) Ying
Tatiana Zarate


Don’t forget, it’ll only waste time.

-Jonny Frank

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