Dear High School

Written by Christine Gill

Dear High School,

I’m not even sure where I really begin with this one. If I were to write everything I felt in my four years of going to Dominican it would take years. And, I’m sure readers would be just exhausted as me after reading about my emotional journey. When I was choosing high schools, I (over) glorified the “high school dream” like the ones you see in the movie. I fell in love with the idea of being in a school knowing I would be able to drive myself, there were a lot more dances, I got to pick my classes etc. Well, also like in movies…that came crashing down, quickly. No one tells you that when you’re in high school it’s not all beautiful and sweet. High school is not going to class and getting perfect grades with your friends. No, it’s getting called down to the office every other day when you have too many ‘absents,’ your locker getting jammed right when it’s time to go to that class that gives you a detention for every ‘tardy,’ checking your mailbox to see that you somehow haven’t turned in 10 textbooks to the library. But, it’s also being able to go to six flags late at night for senior trip, ordering pizza to your lunch table for someone’s birthday, and being able to sit in your favorite teacher’s room for study hall. High school, you’ve really done it to me. There were days when I went home feeling like the happiest person ever, and days where I went home tired, hungry, and over-it just from being in a building for 7 to 8 hours. Man… I really loved those days when I got to go home early because I had a doctor’s appointment…but also those nights when I stayed late because I got to host the talent show. Through it all I can say, high school I loved ya,’ but I really hope college is a lot nicer and more fun. Ha!

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