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Written by Christine Gill

In an unprecedented turn of events, Dominican High School administration has decided to give students an early Christmas break. The vacation will now be moved from late December to April of the same year, constituting the earliest celebration of the holiday in recent history (breaking the previous record of Christmas in July).

“Given that it looks so much like a white Christmas out there, we figured, ‘why not?’ The students have worked so hard this year, and besides, with global warming the way it is, you never know if it’ll even be cold enough to have a Christmas next year.” says Dominican High School principal Ed Foy.

Students will enjoy a ten-day break interrupted only by the spring prom dance. Following the break, students will meet for their final exams, and then will be dismissed for summer break. When asked about their opinion of the change, one sophomore asked, “does this mean there’s going to be another winter formal?” The Knightly News team reached out to sophomore student council representatives for an answer, but they have declined to comment.

The 2018 Christmas break will kick off after the choir and band’s annual (well, now semi-annual) holiday concert. Students have been frantically trying to relearn music and dig their tacky sweaters out from the back of their closets just for the event.

However, given the late notice, the school will not be putting up its usual festive decorations for this break. In a statement sent out by the school’s administration, the school will be celebrating a “kind of bleak, cold, claustrophobic, jail-cell-style holiday. Like if you were celebrating the holiday during the Great Depression in Antarctica during flu season and all of the penguins flew south and the polar bears hibernated because it was too cold.”

The school wishes students the best on their break, and has asked the Knightly News team to reiterate: no, this is not an April Fool’s Day prank.

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