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Dear Grocery Shoppers

Written by Christine Gill

Dear Grocery Shoppers,

I am a 17-year-old, hardworking cashier. Now, I will say that I absolutely love being a cashier, but the job also comes with its downfalls. I’m sure every grocery store teaches their cashiers that it’s all about the customer, which in some cases is very true. But when you guys come in complaining about every little thing (even things that are not in our control) it’s not all about you. Oh and did I mention we’re only cashiers not managers or store operators? We don’t know why we don’t carry goat’s milk cheese; we don’t know why our system doesn’t allow you to run MasterCard as credit. Also, when you ask to speak to managers, our managers are on our side 98% of the time. You know that fancy steak you’re buying that costs $50 but you’re trying your hardest to convince me you’ve “seen a sign that said it was less than $20,” yeah…no, you didn’t see a sign that says that, you’ve seen a sign that said something else was 20 dollars or less, not that steak. Now, this next one’s my biggest pet peeve. If the lane’s sign reads “15 items or less” do not go to that line with a cart full of groceries. That sign isn’t there just for lazy cashiers; it’s there to make sure the lines stay flowing, and everyone is checked out in a timely manner. When the sign says “closed” and you choose not to read it, don’t huff at me when I tell you that you need to take all of your items off of the lane and choose another one, and no…… you don’t get to skip anyone in a different line.

Now there are some pluses that come with grocery shoppers. I personally love when you bring in your children and let them help you interact with us. I also know when you guys tell me what kind of apples you’re buying ahead of time so I don’t have to play the guessing game. Another thing cashiers adore is when you have your produce in the bags that are made for them! That makes it much easier than having to reach all over to grab rolling fruit, and it’s much more sanitary than putting them right on the belt.  Finally, thank you for coming in and sharing your personal stories and understanding that, just like you guys, when we’re not behind a register we lead normal non-perfect lives. We have bad days and good days just like you guys. So think twice before going into a grocery store being rude to someone who’s just their doing their job.

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