Stay Cool in School (and in Dress Code!)

Written by Christine Gill

In the coming months, this chilly weather should be warming up, although, in Wisconsin you never know! Either way, summer is approaching and the heat in Dominican High School is going to be turned off to make way for, not air-conditioning, but the hundreds of fans we store away for the winter. In the months of August and May, the temperature in Dominican is extremely irregular. It could be 30 degrees on the first floor, and on the third floor would be a whopping 90. Dressing to fit these drastic hourly temperature changes is difficult, but not impossible. Here are my personal tips and tricks on how your wardrobe can accommodate the dress code, as well as the bipolar temperature in Dominican:

  1. LAYER – I don’t think I would have survived Dominican if I didn’t learn how to layer my clothes.
  2. Tank tops that are three fingers wide are in dress code, but I always bring a sweater in case I get cold.
  3. On hot days, dresses or skirts are perfect substitutes for shorts.
  4. In the month of May, students are allowed to wear shorts that are 1 inch below where your fingertips reach on your thigh.
  5. If you’re a girl and regular in-dress code pants are uncomfortable for you, a pair of leggings with a longer shirt/tunic underneath can substitute.
  6. Sandals can be worn if they have a strap around the ankle. So, basically don’t wear flip-flops. This rule excludes Birkenstocks, which are allowed to be worn.
  7. I like to wear light-weight t-shirts and in-dress-code pants in the warmer months.

I hate to say it, but boys, you don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to the dress code. Shorts are allowed in August and May and collared shirts must be worn at all times: this could be a polo or a long sleeve button down. Girls have a bit more flexibility, but not much. My main advice is to layer, and layer a lot!


Written By: Grace Brown & Scout Stackhouse

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