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Tech Support Tip: Broken Computer? What Should You Do?

Written by Jonathan Frank

Tech Support Tip: Broken Computer? What Should You Do?

I’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do, NOT TELL ANYONE!

The past three years I’ve been at Dominican I’ve see a lot of people with computers with screens that are either cracked, or just completely destroyed. But, these students never report their issue to tech support until the last possible minute. STOP IT!

When your computer is broken you should go and report it as soon as possible to get a back up and get yours fixed and back to you. You may think that it’s only effecting you, well, technically it does. But when so many students do this, and report it last minute, all it does is put pressure on tech support and the people who have to replace and document 20 screens at one time. I get that maybe you don’t want to get charged for a broken screen or computer, but you’re still getting that charge, just not right away.

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