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Getting Your First Car

Written by Jonathan Frank

You know what’s super exciting? GETTING YOUR FIRST CAR! Trust me, I know it’s exciting, I just got my first car myself. The car is a 2005 Ford Focus 2 door hatchback. (See pictures). While the exhaust may be a little iffy and loud, it’s still a car, so I can’t be mad. As long is it runs and won’t explode while I’m driving, I’m happy. While I don’t have my license yet, I am working on getting it. Until then, I would like to thank my driving instructor for teaching me everything I know. (If you’ve taking Drivers Ed here at Dominican you know who I’m talking about.)

If you haven’t been able to get your own car yet, and you really want some tips for buying your first car, here’s the first main tip: LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS OR GUARDIANS AND DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. In Drivers Ed, there normally is a section about buying a car and what to look for. If you didn’t see that, just look it up. Other than that, ask your parents, they’ve most likely had to buy a car themselves, so ask them for help while looking or thinking about buying one. Also your parents could help you with connections to a family friend or relative who’s selling their car. That’s what happened with me; my parents found a family friend who was willing to sell the car for $500. So in the end I got it for a price less than an Xbox One X or some iPhone. Now I’ll get way more use out of the car then I could ever get out of those.

Another tip is to go on websites and look there for something you can afford. On the point of money, in order to get a car you will need some form of way to get money, like a job or saving’s account. So, sometimes getting a car could be more difficult than it seems. Sometimes you might not be able to get as lucky as I was in getting it for $500, but you might be able to find something you could afford. However, don’t stress about it, because you don’t need a car right away; it’s a lot of responsibility as your parents or guardians would say, and for that you can wait. But if you think your ready, go for it!

Good luck and safe driving,

Jonny Frank

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