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The Best Edition of Faculty of the Week: Mama Keller

Written by Christine Gill

Mama Keller is personally one of my favorite Dominican High School  faculty members. She is the heart and soul of Dominican High School; she is the backbone. With her being the mother of Angelina Keller, a senior, most staff would show favoritism, but Mama treats everyone as her kid. She is loved and adored by everyone; her smile is contagious, and her laugh brightens up and even clears the most cloudy days up. Hope everyone enjoys this edition!

  1. How long have you been working at Dominican?

[Since she was] 22 years’ old

  1. What was your first job ever?

At a small sandwich shop

  1. The best day of your life was what day?

Every day is the best

  1. How many more years?

“Infinity and Beyond”- Buzzlight years

  1. How many family members?

One sibling, three foster brothers, and too many cousins to count. Mother had eighteen siblings and father had twelve siblings.

  1. If I could move anywhere on earth where would it be.

I’m content where I am.

  1. Describe Dominican in four words.






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