Dear Teachers

Written by Christine Gill

Dear Teachers,

So, we’re in that time period where it’s the “end of the year”.  Believe us, as students we understand that you guys have a lot of classes and a lot of different things to grade and get into PowerSchool. But, just like we don’t get to make excuses for late homework…. you guys don’t get to make excuses for not putting grades in from weeks ago. We are just as stressed are you guys are. It makes us as students even more stressed out when teachers decide that they’re going to put all of our grades in (especially the bad ones) at the very last minute where we can’t even try to get them back up if they go down. Also let’s please cut down the amount of quizzes and tests and bring up the amount of busy work that are worth a couple of points but will help bring our grades up…jk.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our teachers. But, we also love our grades (and pleasing our parents). Let’s all work together to try and make the end of the year as smooth as possible while also keeping it fun and keeping stress levels down.

For anyone reading this, look out for the things happening to wrap up the school year:

  • Elevations
  • Spring Sports Events à especially when the girls varsity softball team plays at Helfaer Field! Lauren Greenya is going to dominate as a pitcher in this game and that, is a sight to see!
  • Post Prom: “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”
  • Baccalaureate Mass/ Senior Dinner/ Senior Trip/ Graduation




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