10 Normal School Days Left

Written by Jonathan Frank

I have great news for everyone, 10 SCHOOL DAYS LEFT. While that might not include review day, or exams, it’s still crazy to think that we’ve already spent around 170 school days in the year, unless you’re like me and have had so many sick days that you get yelled at :). So “enjoy” these last 10 days of your current high school year. Everyone, get ready for a new set of freshmen, and be prepared to meet some new students. Sophomores, you will be upper class men, meaning you’ll feel superior to the underclassmen. Juniors, (like me) YOU’RE GOING TO BE SENIORS, meaning you will feel superior to everyone else. Don’t go overboard Seniors, you better enjoy these days the most, because you aren’t coming back to Dominican next year, so I hope you’ll enjoy college. Be sure to finish up the senior pranks you’ve been playing. (Seriously, DON’T GO OVERBOARD!)

Have fun!

-Jonny Frank

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