Elevation Opening!

Written by Christine Gill

Elevation features a variety of songs from all different genres, which Chris has cut into mashups for almost every number in the show. In fact, the only two numbers in the show that are not mashups are Mercy by Shawn Mendez featuring Amira Elsafy and Paul Budnowski, and Oscar’s Moment. This number is extremely unique to our show because it features a live performance of What You Never Were, which was written, produced, and will be performed this weekend by Dominican’s own James Oscar Eck.

I told Chris a few days ago that I write for the Dominican newspaper and asked if he would be comfortable sharing his thoughts on our school, the show, and the cast. He was kind enough to share these words:

Please explain your impression of Dominican based on your two months choreographing Elevation.

“The culture at Dominican is so welcoming and possesses so much value. Anybody could walk into the doors of Dominican and immediately feel like they are a part of the family. No matter your race or background you will be embraced and fully accepted for who you are! Which makes me believe that this world could learn a thing or two if it took a moment to take a tour at Dominican.”

What are your thoughts on the cast?

“Ever since day one at auditions EVERY SINGLE ARTIST came in open minded. They also came in ready to contribute to my vision…which was to spread nothing but positive vibes through art! They took everything I invested into them and “elevated” their focus and work ethic, so that we could give life to this new show. Even though it was a new experience, it didn’t matter, since the culture at Dominican is to always support each other. I am beyond humbled to present what we have created because I know that it will be a pure illustration of what Dominican stands for and represents; which is love, family, and equality!”

What is the purpose behind this show to you?

“The purpose behind this show was to not only bring something new to Dominican, but to highlight that when positivity is the focus, you can truly unite people together and learn to appreciate each other more! So I hope that the audience will leave with some perspective insight and some positive vibes. Then hopefully they take those vibes and instill them into others and their communities, so that what we have built together with this show, can ignite change in not only our city, but this world as well. Plus, you can never have too much positivity in the world, if you ask me! So come check the show out and you’ll see what I mean!”

So, come on down to Elevation this weekend! Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m.! See you there!

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