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From the Editor: May 4th, 2018

Written by Christine Gill


This is crazy! There is so little time left in this school year. I am not really sure where this year went. However, I believe that that means that I spent it well. I, like most seniors, are counting down the days until the stage is ours to walk. However, I have been cherishing these last moments and events because you can only graduate from high school once. I just assumed that it would not fly by like it did.

In recent articles, I have talked about major historical events and how we need to look back on those events so we do not repeat them. You may have thought that something was wrong with me since I was just writing about these horrific events. I can assure you, that I am okay.  The point is that we may not want to hear these things that happened to people, however it is vital that we are informed about mankind’s failures so that we can grow as a human race.

This is one of my last articles. This is immensely saddening for me. It is saddening for me to hear that I have like twenty days left of high school. The way I see it, life is like audio-book, once play is hit, it just keeps moving and certain chapters are done so we must turn the page and keep reading.

Maybe sometimes things happen to us where we find a broken friendship or life hits us with tragedy. We may not like it, however, that is just the way it is. Instead, we must remember that there is greatness that lies ahead.

Sometimes having to change things in life means pain, but it is definitely worth the sacrifice.


Kieran Arnold,

Chief Editor, Knightly News

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