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Haiku’s With Mrs. Gill

Written by Christine Gill

Recently, my teacher and I, Mrs. Gill, have been emailing each other almost daily.  We decided on Monday that we would start communicating in Haikus.  Haikus are traditional poems from Japan, involving only 17 syllables.  The first line you write can have only 5, the second 7 and then the last line also has 5.  Haikus are amazing because they can almost be anything, Haikus don’t have to have a deeper meaning, they can just simply be about what you had for lunch, or how tired you are after school.  Haikus are forced to be short, so they can often be simple and sweet, and take little to no time at all.  Here are some of my personal favorite Haikus:


If Pieces I lack

And whole I can’t seem to be

Will you finish me?

– Tyler Knott Gregson


(A Haiku about getting out of bed)

No No No No No

No No No No No No No

No No No No No


Your class is real loud

It does sound like a party

Love the energy

-Abigail Freeman


We played heart attack.

I think I may have had one.

I’m too old for this.

-Mrs. Gill

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