Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Tournament

Written by Jonathan Frank

HEY! Do you want to do something really fun tomorrow? Well, come on down to the auditorium during Lunch/Resource on Friday March 11th to watch an intense tournament of the video game Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Come and cheer on your favorite players as they race around the virtual track for the winners prize. (I mean, we haven’t been told what the prize is, so it’s a surprise.) If you want a reason to do something fun and hangout with your friends and enjoy watching the games during resource, then this is for YOU!!! Everyone is invited, anyone can come and just have a good time on one of our last Fridays of the school year. There will be an update post next week with interviews of some of the players and viewers. Big thanks to Kieran, and Joey for setting this whole thing up, and letting all the players know.

Seriously, if you want to have a fun time during your lunch or resource and watch students play for an unknown prize, come tomorrow and have some fun!

Thank you, and Have Fun!

Jonny Frank.

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