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Student of the Week: Michelle Mitchell

Written by Christine Gill

This week for student of the week I will be interviewing my good friend, a junior named Michelle. We have known each other since the 9th grade back in KIC class days. Michelle is known as a shy, under the radar girl in the Dominican halls. But if you ask her friends she is goofy, loud, funny, assertive, and a little absent minded. Let her dad tell it. May you ladies and gents enjoy this article on the wonderful Michelle!

1. How would you describe your experience at Dominican?

Interesting. Dominican is nothing like the middle school I came from its more accepting and everyone is outgoing and I love it.

2. If you had a spirit animal what animal would it be and why?

A cheetah because they are fast, cunning, and clever just like me.

3. How many school dances did you attend and did you have fun?

I attend every single one this year. I never miss Dominican invites where I can just relax and have fun with my friends

4. The hardest class you took this year?

Mr. Nett’s religion class. His test is impossible, I swear, and the homework is not any better.

5. Did you make new friends? If so who were they?

Yes, actually, Joseph Birmingham! I have known of him and seen him in the hallway, but never really talked to him this year. Now we are the best of friends.

6. Any thoughts knowing you are two weeks away from being a senior?

I am scared for the real world; college is getting closer and closer, and I am so stressed but happy at the same time.

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