The Last Week of Junior Year: Being Present (My Mini Rant)

Written by Christine Gill

I realized that things were becoming stressful when my mom started asking me about what outfits I was picking for my senior year photos.  And I know that this seems like nothing, but it made me realize that things were changing, my friends are leaving, my status is changing, and so is my high school life. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am so pumped to go to college and be free and all that good stuff, but everything seems to be going very fast.  I find my self constantly asking seniors about college applications, and essays, and how high of a GPA I need to get into a good school, spending hours online trying to figure out my chances of getting into the college of my dreams, and calculating how much extra credit I need to earn to bring my GPA up about 10 million points, (don’t get me started on my ap exam).  And all of this can be very stressful, but it’s also important to focus on whats important in the now.

Speaking from my own experience and what I have learned from others, it gets easier around this time of the year to focus mainly on the future. But this can sometimes be unhealthy, especially because it gets in the way of the now. Amidst the stress, it is good to take time for yourself, friends, parents, and especially time for your pets! Healthy habits are hard to create but make a big difference, sometimes its better to put down the coffee, drink a glass of water and just go to sleep.

We tend to lose ourselves in all of the hustle, and some people like the fast lane, but for most people, it can be overwhelming and unhealthy.  I see this a lot with my friends, and even with myself, we compromise ourselves in order to cram for those two tests in the morning and the third after lunch.  But even though it seems like a lot, it is really easy to change.  The other day Dominican Hosted a panel of former students, and some of the things that struck me were one: It is ok to just go to sleep and take care of yourself, and two: Majors change all of the time.  I hear this all the time, from statistics to my parents, but something about hearing it from people that I had looked up to in former years and could actually understand what I’m feeling really made me think.  It is ok to not have a plan right now because no matter what you do, somethings going to change. The best mentality I can have going into this final week of Junior year, is to focus, obviously, but also start to understand that my opinions and interests will change, and the best thing I can do for myself right now is to set my self up for a good future, and a good start to the rest of my life, whatever it throws at me.

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