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The “Jerry” Awards!

Written by Christine Gill

Dominican High School Jerry Nominations

The Jerry’s, previously known as the Tommy’s, came to both casts performances of Dominican’s musical, Big Fish. We received 22 nominations:

Outstanding Musical

Outstanding Ensemble

Outstanding Orchestra

Outstanding Lead Performer: Joey Mitchell (Edward Bloom)

Outstanding Lead Performer: Jarred Manista (Edward Bloom)

Outstanding Lead Performer: Oscar Eck (Will Bloom)

Outstanding Lead Performer: Katie Branigan (Sandra Bloom)

Outstanding Lead Performer: Grace Parlier (Sandra Bloom)

Outstanding Supporting Performer: Amira Elsafy (Witch)

Outstanding Supporting Performer: Bennet Artman (Karl the Giant)

Outstanding Supporting Performer: Jenna Alberti (Witch)

Outstanding Young Performer: Ben Ballard (Young Will)

Outstanding Direction: Jeff Schaetzke

Outstanding Musical Direction: Jeff Schaetzke

Outstanding Choreography: Michael Endter

Outstanding Stage Management: Maria Tijerina

Outstanding Overall Design

Outstanding Scenic Design: Nick Murel

Outstnading Lighting Design: Bryn Van Beek

Outstanding Costume Design: Barb Minter and Karen Dolan

Spirit Award Winner: Laura Poellmann


Amira Elsafy: Outstanding Supporting Performance

Bennet Artman: Outstanding Supporting Performance

Outstanding Musical



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