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Last Friday, on senior skip day, a group of four seniors came back to school to host Dominican’s first Mario Kart: Double Dash!!! Tournament. The four seniors being Kieran Arnold, Joey Mitchell, Nathanael Wisth, and Benjamin Hertzfeld. I would like to thank these four people for creating and hosting one of the most fun student held events I’ve seen at Dominican, even if the winner wasn’t too surprising.

After a series of tense races and close games, the final finally came. The final races came down to two very talented racers, Senior Nathanael Wisth, and Theo Soleski. After two very quick, and somewhat painful games, and a very energetic crowd, Nathanael wins the first and second race against Theo ensuring that there would not be a game three. I was able to interview both Nathanael, and Theo.

When I asked Theo how we was feeling after the final race he said this “I’m feeling really good now, because, even though he’s played that a ton, I beat everyone else here. So… feels good.” and gave a thumbs up. But, unlike Theo, the crowd wasn’t happy, they wanted revenge on Nathanael for winning. This was when junior Jack Kister went up to get his revenge on Nathanael after he had lost to the champ in the qualifiers. They raced, and it was close… TOO CLOSE. So close it had to come down to the last second, and once again, Nathanael came out on top.  Soon after the auditorium of roughly 25-30 people cleared out, I was able to get an interview with the champion.

I asked him, “So You Won?” He responded, “Yeah…” I asked “How does it feel?” He responded, with a deep voice, and nodding with a smirk on his face, “It feels… GOOOOOOD.”

I also had a chance to interview Joey and Kieran about how they felt about the way the tournament turned out, with Kieran saying, “It Was A Grand Ol’ Time.” Joey gave a much more complex answer. When asked why we decided to go through the process of planning the whole tournament, he said, “Well for 2 reasons. One reason, I’ve always wanted to host a tournament since I was a little kid, and just doing this isn’t necessarily a dream come true, but it’s definitely  doing something I’ve always wanted to do. The other reason is I’ve always been very passionate about gaming, and just being able to share that with other people who share that same interest, especially since Mario Kart is pretty awesome to just be a part of.” I asked him how it felt to finally host it, he said “It felt amazing, the blood was definitely pumping before hand. During it, it was very exciting. I needed a bottle of water. But it was… a once in a life time feeling.” and my final question was “So were you happy with the turn out, and the winner? He started to laugh and said “Well, the winner was who was expected to win, but there were some really good shake-ups especially at the beginning which was really nice too see. It was really close through out most of it, so yeah.” That was end of the interview.

I’d like to thank every one who came and/or participated in the tournament. On behalf of everyone who came I’d like to thank the four seniors, Kieran Arnold, Joey Mitchell, Nathanael Wisth, and Benjamin Hertzfeld. Sadly this is the last post from me in this year, and you four will be moving on to college, so good luck in college, and hopefully you’ll continue to host fun events like this next year at other schools.

Thank You, and See You Around,

Jonny Frank

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