Dear Coaches and Parents

Written by Christine Gill

Dear Coaches and Parents,

Now that the school year is over, we (the seniors) would like to say thank you. To our coaches…thank you for pushing us to try and be the best we could be on the court, field, track etc. Without your support, these last four years would’ve been hard in terms of learning how to work together and how to be part of a team. You guys have taught us that it’s not always about “self” but, more about how we work with the people around us.

To the parents… there are so many things we could say to you. From all of the parent meetings, to coming to shows and games, to dropping us off at social events, you guys have done it all. Y’all have stayed up late nights to make sure we go to sleep after doing 5 hours of homework, making sure we had extra clothes and snacks for our after school activities and, being our biggest supporter. Without our parents, we literally would not have survived high school. Thanks to our parents’ sacrifices and endless love, we will get the chance to walk across the stage and get our diploma next Friday.

And to everyone else who has helped our class succeed these last four years, from the bottom of our heart, thank you. We will miss you guys just as much as you guys will miss us. Your hard work and dedication has not went unnoticed and we appreciate every bit of it.


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