From Mrs. Gill – Dominican Knightly News Moderator

Written by Christine Gill

Hello Knightly News readers!

I just wanted to reflect on this past semester and the wonderful students who put out this newspaper every week.

Eleven eager (maybe?) writers started out the semester with great enthusiasm and grand ideas of what they thought a high school online newspaper should look like. I, being “old school,” thought we would have traditional columns, a la the Journal-Sentinel, but I should have known that Dominican kids are MUCH too creative to just settle for the traditional.

Sure, we have an editor, Kieran Arnold, and I hope you were all as impressed as I was by his thought-provoking and historical posts. Kieran’s honesty in the mixed feelings he was experiencing in his growth through senior year and beyond really moved me as a teacher. I’m so glad he’s going to UWM and will be closer to Dominican to visit the new newspaper staff next year!

Did you guess who “Ask Allie” was? Our very own Kelly Le Tart! She did a great job of answering the teenage “burning issues” at Dominican with grace, intelligence, and creativity.

Our artists, Grace Brown and Abby Freeman provided us with amazingly visual posts about the theater events here at Dominican and the music scene in general. I loved reading about the foibles behind the scenes of Big Fish!

My techies, Jonny and Pete, gave us great advice on how to get our laptops to work properly and the next cool tech thing to buy.

Colin did a great job of keeping everyone abreast of the sports action her at Dominican. Go Knights!

Mary kept us entertained with polls and surveys, and when she had the time, graced us with her beautiful writing voice on heartfelt observations about life as a Dominican senior.

Anjel got all nostalgic on us and has left some beautiful “letters” to those she will leave behind next year when she attends St. Norberts.

“Doc Stack,” Scout Stackhouse, wrote the most clever posts about various “weird” ailments.

Finally, our own JB, morphed a fun “couple of the week” column into a “student of the week” instead. He interviewed fellow classmates as well as a couple of teachers. Maybe someday he’ll be a reporter? I loved his interview questions!

I want to give a special shout out to Mr. Smith for getting us up and running…twice. That’s right! Our hard work was tanked by a technical problem at WordPress. Panic in the editorial department ensued, but thank goodness Mr. Smith was able to rebuild the paper in a couple of days.

Finally, thank you to all my students for making me so welcome and giving me some of the most fun days I’ve ever had in teaching. I love you all! Seniors, my very best wishes for a bright and beautiful future! Juniors (and sophomore Pete!) I’ll see you next year for the next incarnation of the Knightly News! Dominican writers! Sign up next year for Media, the more the merrier!

To our readers… thank you for the support, suggestions, and patronage; it meant so much to the kids when their hard work was recognized. Go back, re-read, or read for the first time when you need a Dominican fix this summer. It’ll be worth your time. The Dominican spirit shines in the words of this paper!

Have a wonderful, fun, safe summer!

~Mrs. G.



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