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“A Quiet Place” Movie Review

Written by Christine Gill

John Krasinski’s film A Quiet Place focuses on the aspect of silence to create fear, which deviates from the classic “jump scare” tactic used by most modern day horror movies. Immediately in the film, the suspenseful tone is set, as the family is seen quietly collecting supplies from an abandoned store. This opening scene is riveting, and fully captures the viewers’ attention as there is not a single sentence spoken, and each audience member is hanging on the edge of their seats. The film continues, and tragedy strikes as the youngest family member is murdered by an unknown creature, and the audience has to helplessly watch as he is killed.


As the film continues, the aspect of horror stays, but the more important theme of family is introduced. The two remaining children are forced to protect each other from harm as they are separated from their parents. At the same time, their mother, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt), is pregnant with another child. She is forced to stay at home helplessly, as her husband, Lee (John Krasinski), attempts to find their other two children. Because the film is mostly silent, the audience is forced to be quiet, and to listen intently to any sound made at all. Without this sense of silence, the film would lose its meaning, and would most likely be grouped with other typical horror movies. However, because of this genius idea, A Quiet Place surpasses many other modern day horror films, and the film speaks for itself without making a single sound.


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