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Speeding Into the Future…Hybrid Style?

Written by Gus Wilson

The common everyday car to the average person is just a method of transportation to get from A to B, but what is it to those car junkies that love to love to these loud, fast, and very smoky (burnout) cars that could attract the cops in a matter of seconds? I am a car junkie with a hunger for cars that could go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds and have tons of power to move it along. I am writing car reviews, news, and an occasional story about a car race or event. I will take suggestions on what I should write about though I won’t be reviewing average everyday cars unless there is something appealing to me. So here goes!

A W16 is an engine that has 2 VR8’s joined together by one crankshaft with each row of cylinders set at a 90-degree V-angle hence the V in VR. A VR engine has the cylinder layout of an inline engine but the cylinders are at a 15 degree angle so it also has a V-type crankshaft. But the W16 is on its own, because the cars it has powered have weighed about 4,400 pounds to 4,323 pounds like in the brand new Divo. This week Bugatti revealed that their W16 supercar (yes that is a real thing) engine will be their last due to the restrictive emission regulations surrounding the car industry which personally stinks.

Don’t worry, this car company is not giving up, because the CEO of Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann, states in the article, “Bugatti’s Current 16-Cylinder Engine Will be its Last” by Alex Reid on Driving.ca a Canadian car news site that “with the weight of batteries going down dramatically, and the emissions benefits you get with a hybrid powertrain, it’s worth looking into.” Now Bugatti wouldn’t be the first company to have plans to show a hybrid supercar based upon the work done on the Chiron (Sh-er-on), Chiron Sport, and the new Divo which is just a Chiron with a lighter, redesigned body for driving on the race track. This was a shocking development, though the world had seen it coming from miles away for Bugatti to go the gas-electric hybrid, because with the EPA and it’s really strict regulations it makes it harder to sell cars at least in the United States. Bugatti’s electric plan would put their next car on par with future electric supercars from Tesla, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and maybe McLaren. This will raise a lot of important questions in the car industry like how will the handling and ride change or how many people will still buy the cars?

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Reporter and writer for the Gus car's section. I am an aspiring mechanical engineer and automotive journalist that really likes cars. This is the first car or truck oriented section of which I am happy to say that this is being written by a car fan for the community.