Class of the Week

Class of the Week 9/10-9/14

Written by Christine Gill

Introducing the first Class of the Week for the Dominican High School 2018-2019 School Year: Ms. Wiencek’s Third Hour Diverse Voices in World Literature. After a long period of deliberation, the first class of the week has been announced. Although it is only her first year teaching, she brings an unmatched amount of energy and fun to her English classes. The teacher brings a very important element to the class, but they could not be the class of the week without her beloved students. Ms. Wiencek is one of many teachers that we are proud to have a part of the Dominican family, and we hope to have her for many years to come. Finally, we have interviewed Ms. Wiencek to find out what makes this class different and unique from all its competition. According to Ms. Wiencek, the purpose of this class is “to understand how pieces of literature from around the world all relate to different aspects of the human condition”. In order to be a candidate for Class of the Week, the class not only has to be a fun class, but the students also need to be learning content.  “My teaching methods are centered around full class discussion, close reading of the text, and small group collaboration. Ultimately, Diverse Voices functions in a college seminar-style way—we work really hard with challenging material, but we have a lot of fun while doing it.”, stated Ms. Wiencek when asked about her methods for this specific class. Lastly, we believe that this class was very worthy of this award, and Ms. Wiencek agrees. “My class deserves class of the week, because we are hardworking, supportive, and learning more about the material and each other day by day. We bring high energy to complex issues, and are becoming better readers and writers with each class period.”. We appreciated Ms. Wiencek for taking time out of her day for answering these questions, and once again congratulate her and her students for winning this award. For the rest of the classes out there, keep working hard, and having fun, and maybe YOUR class will be the next Class of the Week.


Authors: Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

Photo by Jackson Corcoran and Olivia Mlada

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