Billboard Hot 100 Review: Week of September 15, 2018

Written by Christine Gill

For the first installment of my Hot 100 reviews, it would make sense to give myself a proper introduction. However, I have no idea how to properly introduce myself as someone whose music opinions are worth even listening to. My only “credential” is my love for pop music and the excessive amount of music I listen to daily.

But regardless, I have a lot of strong opinions about music, and with an endless amount of artists making music, I’m confident in saying that there will never be a shortage of songs to talk about. I hope my thoughts are interesting and at least a little bit bold and controversial.

Each week, I will provide brief reviews for new entrances to the Top 40, as well as commentary on the rest of the Hot 100 and any general thoughts I have on movement in the Hot 100, new artists, trending songs that have not yet charted, new albums, and relevant music news. If I’m feeling it, I’ll write about controversial opinions, older songs/albums, and artists I like even if they haven’t released anything recently.


Drake picture: – Zulytheslg on Wikipedia


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