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Incredibles 2 Movie Review

Written by Christine Gill

Over fourteen years ago, Pixar came out with a movie called the Incredibles. This amazing film ended and was set up for a sequel to come out. However, as the years went on, no sequel was made, and many believed that there would never be one. Luckily, in June of 2018, the follow-up to this film came out, and people were extremely excited to see Incredibles 2. This film did not disappoint as it brought upon nostalgia and good memories for the audience who saw the original Incredibles. The film’s main premise is that “supers” have become illegal again, and the Par family is in a tough spot. However, a business man asks to meet with them, and explains his dream to make “supers” legal again. He recruits Helen Par, and Bob is forced to stay home and watch the kids. Along the way are laughs and pleasures that keep the movie fun and entertaining without turning it into a comedy. The film maintains this upbeat feeling throughout, unlike the first film, which is much more serious. While the second film is an amazing sequel, it could never hope to live up to the legacy of the original. By no means is Incredibles 2 a poor film, on the contrary, I believe that it was probably the best sequel that could have been made. The long awaited sequel to the Incredibles does not at all disappoint, and it successfully closes the story of the Incredibles after a long fourteen years. by hassanalmokadem by Anna Larson

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