Knight Walk Fashion Advice Dress for Knight Walk in style and be prepared

Written by Christine Gill

Question: What could I possibly wear to Knight Walk to show my school spirit, and be prepared for the six-mile walk? – Freshman Student

Jerome: Make sure you wear comfortable shoes, but not too comfortable, because you don’t wanna burn a hole in your shoes! You also want to stay hydrated, so I suggest you buy a water bottle backpack, and yes they are real. Carrying a water bottle six miles is very annoying and frustrating, so make sure your hands are free. Stay cool Dominican!

Veronica: Put green and black face paint on. Make sure to wear as much green as you can from head to toe, but at the same time make sure you dress comfortably because you will be walking for a long period of time!

Most of all, have fun, Dominican!


Photo by Mr. Smith

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