Class of the Week

Class of the Week 9/17-9/21

Written by Christine Gill

Welcome back to the class of the week article of your Dominican Knightly News. Congratulations to Ms. Ball’s Third Hour Peace and Justice class on winning the Week 2 Class of the Week award. Although there have only been two awards thus far, this is the second time a new faculty member has won class of the week. Growing up in Iowa, and attending the University of Notre Dame, she brought a faith-based background that helps her teach this religion course. Ms. Ball went straight from college to this full time teaching position, but she already fits right in. “The students, faculty, and parents of the Dominican community have made me feel very welcome, which has eased my transition immensely,” stated Ms. Ball. Although there are many things that make this class the obvious class of the week, Ms. Ball’s favorite part about this course is, “being able to see the entire Junior class each and every day.” She also talked about how, “it has been nice for me to really get a sense of what the Junior class is like as a whole group.” Along with getting to interact with the fabulous Junior class every day of the week, she also likes teaching Peace & Justice, “because it connects the Catholic faith to the real world in a way that is meaningful to my own life, and I love sharing that idea with my students.” Recently in Peace and Justice, they have been studying the Catholic Social Teachings and their relation to the real world today. Students have successfully shared their beliefs about the importance of these teachings in their daily lives, whether they are at school, or if they are at home. Lastly, when asked about what she wants her students to learn from this course, she said, “I want my students to work for peace & justice for the rest of their lives as part of their Christian vocation and hopefully this class has given them a space to consider how to accomplish this task.” Congratulations again to third hour Peace and Justice and to Ms. Ball on the second class of the week award. Keep working hard students.

Authors: Olivia Mlada and Jackson Corcoran

Picture by: Olivia Mlada and Jackson Corcoran

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