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Classic cars in Wisconsin

Written by Gus Wilson

Elkhart Lake is known for its beautiful village, wide open lake for tossing the kids off their tube when they get a little crazy, and for the race track a few miles down the road. Yes, not too far away there is a race track with a race almost every weekend that can be heard from the village. Sometimes there are classic cars driving through town as well. Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip up to Elkhart Lake, WI for the vintage car show with my dad for his birthday. This was a show that was free to the public, and it got pretty loud with all the race cars, but that was the whole joy of the weekend. I was excited to look at cars that are the predecessors to my favorites in the modern era, like Ferrari’s, Austin-Healey’s (British car manufacture), TVR’s (British manufacture), Chevrolet’s, Fords, and a whole host of other cars.

My favorite car in the lot was the “brand new” Ford GT which is a 3rd generation race car built for the street that was originally built by Ford for the French car race called the “24hrs of Le Mans,” where it beat Ferrari and a lot of other cars. The car in the present day has a Twin-Turbo (forced induction method) V6 producing 600 horsepower (a lot for a 6-cylinder) instead of a V8 like the past 2 generations, but it meant that the car is more fuel efficient, so it makes it a “practical supercar.” This car is very rare so getting to see it makes a Chevrolet Corvette seem like a Toyota Camry (for their commonness). It’s good that it is uncommon, though, because  it would lose its charm otherwise.

Now if I keep going on and on then this article will be a really long article, but I have to tell you that at the show there was one very rare car made by an Italian company called Lancia that was known for their rally cars.

The car was called the Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione (Italian for Evolution) which was the street legal twin of the famous Group A touring car class (cars good for a balance of cornering and straight line speed) rally car that competed from 1987 to 1992. I had never seen a Lancia up until this day, so maybe I was just lucky to see one, but don’t expect to see any Lancia’s every day since they are very rare. Leave a comment on what car topics you would like me to do next.

Photos by: Gus Wilson

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