Athlete of the Week

Olivia Malada, Athlete of the Week

Written by Christine Gill

This week’s athlete of the week is none other than Olivia Mlada, a junior at our school. Olivia is a three sport athlete; she plays basketball, softball, and volleyball, all at the varsity level. She is dedicated to her sports and to her teammates. Playing three sports means that she is constantly busy, but she does not let that distract her from school. Olivia has gone on record saying this about keeping the balance between sports and school, “I play a lot of sports, and at times I get home from games pretty late, so I always try to get as much of my homework done before we leave… resource and study hall really helps and I always try my best to not get distracted.” This clearly shows that she is not only focused on sports, but school as well. Her dedication to the three sports she plays for our school and her commitment to her studies is why Olivia Mlada is this week’s athlete of the week.

Photo by: Mr. Smith, communications manager at Dominican High School

Written by Isaiah Mitchell and Alex Antetokounmpo

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