Supreme Interview

Written by Christine Gill

Today we have senior Jace Boswell interviewing a fellow senior Bennett Artman. Boswell wanted some background information, fellow knowledge, and opinions about the highly hyped fashion company, Supreme. So what better person to ask then Mr. Artman?


Q1: So how do you feel about Supreme?

A: Actually, I think it’s a silly company for people have an inflated sense of ego, but they also make really cool clothing.

Q2: Do you resell Supreme?

A: I do, consistently yes.

Q3: Have you made any kind of money off of reselling Supreme?

A: Yes, quite a lot, I’ll admit. If I had to guess over the past three years that I’ve done it, I’ve made over a few thousand dollars.

Q4: So what is your favorite piece from Supreme?

A: My favorite piece from Supreme would have to be the shovel or the brick. Only because of how angry it makes people that Supreme was able to make a shovel and a brick and sell them out in mere seconds.

Q5: Do you own any of those pieces?

A: I own both of them. *Laughter*

Q6: What’s your favorite Supreme Collaboration?

A: Probably with Supreme, Undercover, Public Enemy, and Doc Martin. So I own the Puffer jacket and the shoes from that.

Q7: What’s your favorite brand besides Supreme?

A: My favorite brand besides Supreme would probably COMME des GARCON, Stone Island, or Pleasures.

Q8: Do you think the hype for Supreme will last?

A: I was arguing this a while ago with you [Jace], Supreme initially might’ve just been a throw away company that was just riding the hype for a few years off other companies. But due to the recent actions they’ve made with extremely stead fast companies like Louis Vuitton, Undercover, Artists like M.C. Escher and Public Enemy, Supreme hype will last just due to their consistent collaborations with brands that aren’t going to fade away.

Q9: Anything upcoming that you are excited for?

A: I was really excited to get something from the COMME des GARCON collaboration, but that didn’t happen because it sold out too fast. Supreme has some cool pieces but I got pretty much all I wanted.

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Edited and Reported By : Jamari Magee

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