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The Nun’s YouTube ads Make Waves

Written by Christine Gill

The movie “The Nun” has contributed to a huge increase in children running from sisters and church officials. The Nun has run an ad campaign on YouTube that was recently removed but not before thousands of kids where jump scared by Valic the demonic nun in the movie. Parents everywhere are struggling to get their kids to step foot into churches or even schools with nuns. In response, nuns and sisters have formed a proposal to take the movie out of theaters to prevent the rising fear of nuns, stating that the movie is causing churches to have less attendance and less people looking to become sisters or nuns. Even the pope chimed in saying that it scares him, because he says that the nun from the movie looks like most often nuns that he sees every day.



DISCLAIMER: This article was made for comedic purposes and does not mean to offend or isolate any group(s) of people in any way.

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