Athlete of the Week

Homecoming Athlete of the Week

Written by Christine Gill

This week’s homecoming athlete of the week is none other than Jymuir “The Gator” Geter. Jymuir plays football for our Dominican Knights, and is a current senior as well. He has gone on record saying that he has become “a leader on the team,” and that he is the guy on the team that, “hype(s) them up and motivate(s) them.” Jymuir is an essential part of the team, because he gets the entire team invigorated and ready to take on the opposing team. Jymuir Geter is a driving force behind the Dominican football team, and that is why he is the homecoming athlete of the week.

Written by Isaiah Mitchell and Alex Adetokunbo

Photos by: Sydney Joy and Mr. Smith

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