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Boys Soccer Game, September 26th

Written by Matthew Sherlock

The boys’ varsity soccer team played Thomas More on Wednesday, September 27th. This was Dominican’s Homecoming game. Dominican’s record going in to the game was 5-2-2 which is a very good season record. Thomas More was 8-2-3 before Wednesday’s game. Thomas Moore also won their conference last year, and they are currently ranked 6th in the state in division 3. This was a very tough contest for Dominican. We asked star Dominican defender Nathanial Rousse what he expected from himself. He said he thought that Thomas More would think that they could walk away with an easy win, because they had beaten them 3 years in a row. Nathaniel’s thoughts were that he knew his team could put up a good fight against Thomas More. He knew that his team had enough talent to beat this team. He personally thought that he could fulfill his role as a defender.

The boys put up a great fight, but unfortunately lost 2-1. They lived up to Rousse’s expectations of putting up a good fight against a very good team. They played a great game and gave it their best effort.

Story by Matt Sherlock and Drew Ottaway

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