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Mission Impossible: Fallout Movie Review

Written by Christine Gill

After three years, the long awaited sequel to Mission Impossible 5 was released. This movie franchise has been going on for 22 years, and its latest film may be the best one yet. Now any movie that includes Tom Cruise as its main character is bound to be good, and this film proved just that. From doing his own crazy stunts to improvising in scenes on the fly, Tom Cruise’s role in the film made it seem that much more real and natural. The movie begins with a trick played on the audience as they believe that a terrorist has blown up a city, when in reality that had not happened because they had apprehended the criminal in time. From there, the entire film is a guessing game as the audience has to decide who they believe who

is undercover, and who they think is actually a protagonist. It is revealed later that the man Ethan had been working with all along was the mastermind behind the whole operation. In most films, the betrayal can be predicted by the audience and not the characters, but in this case, both the audience and the characters were left in the dark until the inevitable betrayal. The movie’s climax seems to last forever, and it keeps adding more and more variables into the disastrous situation that keeps the viewer locked in on the screen the entire time. While the previous Mission Impossible movies were fun to watch and seemed like a nice action movie, the sixth addition to the series takes the next step forward and turns the usual action film into more of a film that forces the audience to think and to stay engaged throughout it all. by Clap Video by Riparian Broadcasting

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