How Can I Prepare for the Practice ACT?

Written by Christine Gill

How can I prepare for the practice ACT?

Veronica: To prepare for the Practice ACT you must first get a good night sleep. Then in the morning, you should eat a healthy breakfast like a bowl of oatmeal or a breakfast sandwich. Also, you must make sure you have all of the tools to be successful like #2 pencils and your calculator. lastly, making sure to sit by people that won’t distract you from your test. If you do these things you will be well prepared and will be successful at the Practice ACT.

Jerome: Well we guys don’t study much at all, to be honest, so I suggest you actually study for this because this will prepare you for the real one. Make time after school, or if you can before homework. It will help throughout the test, and even if you don’t want to study just do it even though it’s super boring, just try and make it fun. At least eat food too, because it will help keep you awake and not suffering from stomach pains because that can be a distraction. Also, refrain from the urge to play Fortnite or the Asphalt car game, because you will get in trouble and you will not be on task so much. Also, try to at least brush up on the subjects you think you have trouble in and not be so great at so you won’t be completely lost.

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Veronica and Jerome

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