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Avengers Infinity War: Movie Review

Written by Christine Gill

The newest movie to the Marvel Cinematic Universe came out on April 27 of last year. The film Infinity War raised immense profit due to its loyally-based fans. The movie may have been better than many of the other films made by Marvel, but overall the movie was just above average. The whole premise of this movie focuses on the fact that Thanos, the antagonist, believes that he can save the world from itself by killing off one half of the population so that there will be enough resources and food for everyone.

In the end, he is able to collect all the Infinity Stones, and he ends up

disintegrating many of the Avengers and their allies. The film ends with a cliff hanger of Captain Marvel being called into action, right before the credits begin to roll. While the movie was entertaining to watch due to its surplus of action sequences, the plot remained a basic one, and the sense of urgency that the audience was supposed to feel failed to exist. By this I mean that when the many Avengers and their allies are killed off, everyone knows that they will be brought back either in the next movie or the one after that. Because Marvel has kept all of its main characters alive, and has failed to kill off a loved protagonist, there is no sense of panic or distraught after most of the heroes are supposedly killed. In all, this film did better than the other recent Marvel movies, but has not been able to stand out due to its inability to break away from the basic superhero movie script.

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